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Geoforce’s enduring success builds on forty years of teamwork between Graham Standen and Martin Uyesugi. They first met while working with deep-tow sub-bottom profiling pioneer and innovator Roger Hutchins. Roger died at ninety years of age in August 2015 after having passed the Huntec DTS legacy to Geoforce’s two founding partners.

Once Geoforce was formed in 1992 Martin and Graham continued leading operations at sea, in practically all of the global oceans, while also managing standing offer government contracts. Martin assumed the role of president for twenty years, running the business while continuing to upgrade the DTS equipment, with special focus on the unique boomer.

In these first two decades Geoforce provided field operations, service and maintenance work on the deep-tow boomer/sparker sub-bottom profiler and other geophysical equipment such as ocean bottom seismometers. They relied on experienced field personnel, many having also started during the early Huntec ’70 days.

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Graham bought out Martin in 2013 and soon after added manufacturing to the firm’s roster. Three complete third-generation systems were sold in the following year, proving that the continuously improved offspring of the legendary Huntec DTS remained competitive in the hotly contested field of sub-surface seafloor mapping.

Ocean science and technology veteran Ulrich Lobsiger joined Geoforce in early 2015, and, together with Graham, began implementing an ambitious marketing and technology development plan. Among other initiatives, this plan includes informing “Huntec DTS alumni”, former users and new prospects that the deep-tow system, rebranded as the Geoforce DTS® is now in its fourth generation and that its functionality is being further enhanced to meet challenging global market demands. Additionally, new products are being introduced, mostly based on licensing proven technology flowing from achievements by researchers and engineers at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography.


Graham grew up in England and acquired solid training in equipment maintenance and repair through British government institutions before joining the Royal Navy – Fleet Air Arm Avionics. His front-line duties included servicing FK4 Phantom Jets and Wessex V helicopters. Graham served onboard the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes until 1976 when he emigrated to Canada. After four years applying his Royal Navy training with companies such as IMP Aerospace, he joined Roger’s Huntec ’70 Ltd in 1980, operating and maintaining the Huntec Deep-tow System and other high-resolution survey equipment.

Martin Uyesugi thumbMARTIN UYESUGI, Co-Founder
WE ARE SAD TO REPORT Martin’s death on September 27, 2016. Please see Memorial in our news section.

Martin earned a BSc in Environmental Studies (Resource Management and Geology) at the University of Waterloo in 1973. Even before graduating Marty entered his first high Arctic field mission as a survey technician and soon after joined Huntec ’70, operating most geophysical equipment of the day all over the Americas and eventually in Europe and China. He quickly moved through the ranks at Huntec as Operations Manager and General Manger, East Coast and eventually formed Geoforce with Graham Standen to lead as President until 2013. After partly retiring, Marty continued as a senior advisor with focus on applying his vast experience into instrument and manufacturing process improvements.

The company’s formula of success builds on continuous improvement of survey equipment through close collaboration with scientists and engineers from the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. This practice continues as we move towards the fifth generation of the Deep-tow boomer/sparker sub-bottom profiler while adding new products, such the deep-sea drop camera. Among many others, prime collaborators are George Fowler, a mechanical design engineer with extensive experience in the marine environment who has contributed to many commercially successful products, and Robert Courtney, PhD (GSC-A) who created the vast database of sub-bottom profiles publicly accessible through Google Earth.

In addition to relying on true and tested technology developed over decades by senior ocean science and engineering professionals, Geoforce strongly believes in working closely with the next generation of ocean explorers. The company thus supports student projects at NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College) through the new Applied Ocean Technology program as well as Dalhousie’s Engineering and Oceanography faculties, and it engages in internship and co-op programs with a view to create long-term employment. Recent hires are Jennifer Feehan, marketing and research assistant and Tom Fralic, electronics technician.