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This heavy-duty roller block is designed for optimal operation of the Geoforce DTS® boomer/sparker sub-bottom profiler and many other deep tow instruments. Its large radius is an important factor affecting the life of the main Tow Cable. Features include:

  • Attaches to an A-Frame or articulated crane through a swivel block

  • Provides a fair lead for the main Tow Cable

  • Absorbs part of the stress of towing during launch and recovery of the Tow Body


The ultimate digital stills drop/drift camera system optimized for cost-effective seafloor ground-truthing during deep sea surveys. Engineered for reliability and to achieve best data capture under challenging operating conditions. The camera and dual flash units are powered by a high-capacity lead-acid battery, permitting continuous data collection for 12 hours and long


If supplied, an Oceanographic Winch, fitted with optional level wind and slip rings, is recommended to heave in and pay out the main Tow Cable. The Winch Drum is loaded with 300-1200 meters of main Tow Cable.


The main Tow Cable electrical conductors terminate at a Slip Ring Assembly. The Winch can be bolted to pads attached to the deck or welded directly to a steel deck.