AN IDEAL SUB-BOTTOM PROFILER HAS A BROAD FREQUENCY BAND, HIGH ENERGY, RAPID TRIGGER RATE, AND HIGHLY REPEATABLE SOURCE CHARACTERISTICS.  These elements provide for maximum vertical and horizontal resolving capacity, sub-bottom penetration even in hard and gas-bearing sediments, shot-to-shot coherency and phase and amplitude information to facilitate interpretation. In addition, directional source characteristics limit incidental environmental noise.

GEOFORCE DTS® SUB-BOTTOM PROFILER OPTIMIZES THESE CHARACTERISTICS to the physical limits of modern technologies, utilizing two modes of operation: boomer and sparker acoustic sources.


GEOFORCE DTS® IS THE ONLY SYSTEM TO HAVE TWO ACOUSTIC SOURCES INTEGRATED IN THE SAME TOW BODY. Depending on operational water depths and survey demands, either mode can be chosen “on the fly”. Deep tow of the system removes surface and vessel motion (heave, pitch and roll), eliminates the surface ghost, and stabilizes source characteristics. Digitization of received signals within the tow body eliminates cable and EM noise interference. The result is an ideal tool for resolving complex structures such as are present in mass transport deposits.  

The development of the Geoforce DTS sub-bottom profiler over more than four decades is an important case study in successful Canadian Government/Private Sector collaboration. 

It demonstrates how a survey tool can retain its competitiveness in global seafloor mapping through continuous improvements building upon the core technology of the robust HUNTEC deep-tow system.

Geoforce Group remains committed to continuous development and innovation of our system's capabilities and continues to expand its scope of commercial applications. 

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