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The Geoforce DTS® sub bottom profiler has been deployed during numerous geohazard surveys, including those for offshore petroleum exploration activities in Eastern Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. The purpose of these assessments is to acquire high resolution data about the subsurface characteristics and thicknesses to ensure no drilling hazards (i.e., shallow gas, faults, boulders, loose sand, reactive clay) would interfere with the safe deployment of offshore drilling platforms.

During these surveys, we deployed the Geoforce DTS® deep-tow sub-bottom profiling system, utilizing either the boomer or sparker acoustic source to acquire ultra high-resolution subsurface imaging in water depths from 20 meters to 5000 meters in wave conditions up to Beaufort Sea State 7.


The Geoforce DTS® dual-source system provides flexibility in varying seabed conditions and acquires consistent, ultra high-resolution subsurface data.  

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