The Geoforce DTS® sub-bottom profiler has been deployed for offshore wind farm and tidal power site selection surveys in the North Sea and in the Bay of Fundy, Canada. During these surveys, the boomer acoustic source sub-system acquired ultra high-resolution subsurface imaging in water depths up to 80 meters and in Beaufort Sea States 1 to 2. 


The heart of the DTS® system is the patented depth-compensated 1000 Joule boomer sound source. In boomer mode, the Geoforce sub-bottom profiler drives a pressure equalized, electro-dynamic boomer plate as a directional seismic source that provides a highly repeatable impulsive signature over a frequency spectrum from 800 Hz to 10 kHz. Typical penetration is in the order of 100 meters in soft sediment and 40 meters in tertiary bedrock at high-resolution with discrimination of up to 10 cm at the near subsurface. The boomer pulse shape and intensity are independent of tow body deployment depth due to pressure compensation, resulting in accuracy of subsurface imaging and optimal data resolution.

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