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Geoforce's Contribution to Oceanographic Scientific Research

Geoforce Group is a proud contributor to the field of Oceanography. Since our early days, our Geoforce DTS sub-bottom profiler has acquired nearly 500,000 km-lines of high-resolution subsea mapping data. Much of which has been used for geological and geophysical scientific research studies throughout the world's universities, research institutions and government agencies. This week marks 150 years of Nature magazine. The multidisciplinary scope of Nature is revealed by an analysis of more than 88,000 papers Nature has published since its first issue in November 1869. Watch this stunning visual portrayal of Nature's 150 years of papers so intricately connected in a beautiful network of scientific discoveries - each paper linking those that came before with those that followed. # hashtag#nature hashtag#researchers hashtag#published hashtag#science hashtag#subbottomprofiler hashtag#oceanography hashtag#oceanmapping

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