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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Earth is a blue planet; over 70 percent of its surface is covered by ocean (NOAA, 2014). Life relies on the ocean and its processes, and yet we have only brushed the surface of exploring the realm to its fullest detail. There has been increased focus on better understanding the ocean through ocean exploration and advancements in technology in an effort to map and describe its regions.

Sub-Bottom Profilers (SBP) are a non-invasive, acoustic remote-sensing technique used in geological studies to map the top layers of the seabed and provide quantitative seabed assessment, since properties of the first few meters of the seabed greatly influence the design and planning of offshore oil rigs and other seabed supported structures (Hutchins, McKeown & King, 1976) and are used for a multitude of marine applications.

However not all SBPs are alike, and in choosing a SBP system, there are a number of considerations: vertical resolution, spatial resolution, power, repeatability and operational logistics. Often the choice of one parameter is at the expense of others, so the choice is often survey specific. To better understand these important considerations, download a copy of our white paper HOW TO CHOOSE A SUB BOTTOM PROFILER:

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