In Memoriam – Roger William Hutchins
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In Memoriam – Roger William Hutchins

The originator of the Huntec DTS technology died at 90 years of age on August 14, 2015; the obituary with an announcement for a memorial and reception in Toronto can be found here.

Roger was an exceptional human being – truly a man larger than life. In addition to his many accomplishments as a gifted mathematician and physicist, he was also an entrepreneur, air-force commander, innovator, sportsman and business leader. Former Huntec employees and collaborators attest to his tenacity, inspiring fierce loyalty in pursuit of pioneering technologies, including the first high-resolution deep-tow boomer/sparker sub-bottom profiler.

His vision was to create an instrument that could simulate the interpretation skills of the uniquely gifted marine geologist who first recognized the value of acoustic signals for sub-seafloor characterization. “Putting Lew King into a box” became his obsession and he succeeded by working relentlessly with researchers, engineers and technicians at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography as well as with his many dedicated employees.