JAN 2020 


Defence Applications for the Geoforce DTS® Profiler



Seabed mapping has come a long way from the first maps produced by lead line to the present use of multibeam bathymetric systems that allow digital terrain surfaces of the seabed to be constructed with resolution in decimeters.

It is estimated that less than ten per cent of the Canadian offshore has been mapped to these new standards and the more northern regions have much less coverage.  Full coverage bathymetry is the starting point and a basic requirement for understanding the seabed. Following this basic information is a requirement for knowledge of the subsurface provided by a group of devices known as sub-bottom profilers. These systems are used to identify and characterize layers of sediment or rock under the seafloor.  Specifically, they provide for a measure of seabed reflectivity (sediment type), sediment thickness, bedrock exposure and subsurface features.


This document addresses how Geoforce Group Limited can contribute to Canada’s subsurface seafloor mapping needs and addresses its challenges while building the foundation for global export success. Geoforce Group is a Nova Scotia company that has successfully collaborated with Natural Resources Canada for over two decades and has carried out extensive oceanographic surveys for other governments and private sector clients across the globe.

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